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Amazon Bestseller in Short Reads/ Humor!

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Here's what readers are saying


We live in a time when a lot of people avoid arguments and debates. Feelings get hurt, things get heated, this book will help you keep you cool, express your opinions, and win the argument. Buy it, read it, live it.

-Amazon Customer


I read it and thought, that's hilarious, ... Wait a minute!!! I do that!!!

-My Mom



Ever wonder what it's like to win an argument with grace and aplomb? The tactics in this book will not only bring the Winner's Circle to you, but you can set down roots there and make it home.


Use the information herein to settle age-old debates such as: leaving the toilet seat up, money, and use of time. Satirically written, "How to Win an Argument" outlines basic argument tactics and strategies we all use to turn the tables.


Arguments happen. Be prepared to win.

Amazon Bestseller in Historical Fiction!

Western Action/Adventure


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Here's what readers are saying:


"Highly recommended! Best western book I have read in a LONG time! Grabbing your attention from the very beginning, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Highly descriptive and flowing helps the reader disappear into the "book reality..." The storyline is never doesn't allow you to predict how the story will unfold causing you to anxiously read chapter to chapter to find out what happens next. Just the right amount action mixed with romance to satisfy readers of both gender and all ages.
If you are considering reading this book, JUST DO IT! You will NOT regret it!"

-Amazon Customer


"Where Ash Falls is such a good book.... It is full of description and action. The characters become real..."

-Amazon Customer


"You won't put this beautifully crafted story down once you start reading. It grips you and you'll turn every page wanting to know who is going to win the war, who's going to survive, and whether or not Annie will find love with a certain Cowboy!
I felt like I walked the streets of Stillwater, saw the blood and heard the gunshots! This is the best Western book I've ever read!"

-A. R. Pearson, Author of The Wayfarer's Journey


A Classic Western for Modern Readers


Annie flees her home. Bleeding from a gunshot wound, she steals a horse and rides just ahead of the man hunting her. Only one man knows her secret and why she can't go home.


Dust-choked and sun-soaked, the town of Stillwater is owned and operated by Bull Bronson until a band of ex-Confederate soldier’s marches into town challenging Bull’s authority and declaring war.


Where Ash Falls is the suspenseful clash between the evil men turn to for reckoning and the justice the innocent must take for themselves.

Currently Under Revision... Will be back soon ;)

Literary Action/Adventure

Pawns and the Fallen (2).jpg

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Here's what readers are saying:


"This book has a great plot and very interesting characters. I found the writing style almost dreamlike. You don't want to put this book down for fear you will wake up. It has several storylines and a great plot twist. The characters are great."

-Amazon Customer


"I loved this book. I was drawn in from the start! Hope to see more from this author soon!!"

-Amazon Customer


"This book is unlike anything I've ever read before and is definitely a must read!!!! Get it for your friends and family."

-Amazon Customer


Jane Austen meets Gladiator in this adventure of Self-Discovery and revolution against an oppressive Empire.


Dahliena is a lamb led to the lion's den. Abducted in the guise of her nation's leader, she travels to the heart of enemy territory to save her dearest friend by dying in her stead.

Prequel Novella

queens and the fallen.jpg

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Here's what readers are saying:

"Dani is extremely passionate about writing and it shows. She uses great description and it makes the story come to life. I can’t wait for her next book to come out."

-Amazon Customer



"I just finished reading the novella. It makes me want to cry... I want to read more." 

-Amazon Customer


This prequel novella to features beloved characters from "Pawns and the Fallen," and introduces new characters who shaped the world Dahliena, Attelhius and the Emperor inherited. We delve into the war, follow the ascension of the Emperor, and encounter hope unparalleled.

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