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Looking for an "Easy" button for your book marketing?


You've probably tried all the things, right?


Ads, selling from social media, following the trends...


Maybe they didn't work as well as you hoped. I get that.


And...I have a solution. Though it's not exactly an "Easy" button because it does require a bit of work and elbow grease, it's effective. And the proof is in the pudding.


Case in point... you're seeing this sales page right now  


So here's the thing, you may have heard ads don't work for authors. You may have heard they do. You may have even tried them yourself, but with little to show for your hard-earned dollars.


And of course, why would you just flush your money down the drain? That's not helpful for your or your book.


I didn't want that either. That's why I decided to try ads, but only a little at a time because that was all that I could afford. What I learned was that I could run effective ads with just a little help a few mentors.


I took what I learned from many seasoned marketers over the course of 7 years and distilled it into a Kit just for you!


This kit focuses on crushing Facebook Ads, so you can get more readers interested in your book(s).


Here's what you'll get in the Facebook Ads Kit:


-A complete guide on how to set up and run Facebook Ads, so you don't have to fumble around on Meta.


-3 Editable Ad Copy Templates with copy designed to convert. All you have to do is fill in your info


-Premade Ad Graphic Templates on Canva, so you can quickly make a bunch of ad graphics that work!


-Bonus! Calls to Action that work as buttons, headers, and descriptions.


-Bonus! Guide to setting up a brand kit in Canva to save time and make your life easier.


-Bonus! Guide to getting ad agency or specialists added to your Ads Manager, so they can run Facebook ads for you.


And instructions on how to use all of it.   

You shouldn't have to waste your time, energy, and money on book marketing strategies that ultimately don't work and leave you feeling discouraged.


You deserve a book marketing tactic that actually works!


So try this Facebook Ads Kit, and get your book in front of thousands of new readers today.


Grab the kit to get started!

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