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Hello, my name is Dani Talbot. I’m a Book Marketing Coach and Amazon bestselling author. I'm also Book Launch Certified by Tim Grahl.


I work with new and established authors to create meaningful experiences for readers that will build and maintain reader/writer relationships and continue to sell books


As a Book Marketing Coach, here’s what I do for you:


  • Strategize marketing plans based on your goals

  • Implement strategies to get results

  • Teach underlying principles behind strategies, so you can use them to your advantage

  • Help you find and attract your ideal audience

  • Help you create a great experience for your readers, so they come back time after time

And... you can focus on what you love most: Writing.


If you think we're a good fit, check out my Work with me Page.

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Here's what my clients have to say:

Deborah Weed, Founder of the Self-Worth Initiative, LLC and Author of Paisley's Last Quill

The thought of marketing it seemed overwhelming. 

The minute [Dani] entered my life, I felt relief! Dani is passionate about what she does. It felt as though she cared just as much about my success as I do. The first thing that really stood out to me was her patience. The world of social media is intimidating. Dani made everything simple. She literally walked me through the steps I needed to take to succeed. The other thing that is special about Dani is her work ethic. Once we were working with a platform that wasn’t clicking. At any time Dani could have become frustrated while suggesting that this isn’t the way to go. Instead, she kept on going until the job got done.

In my lifetime, I’ve worked with the likes of Disney and Universal consultants; visionaries and Thought Leaders who were at the top of their game. I know a winner when I meet one! If you have a book that you want to get out into the world, I would highly recommend Dani.


I was in your shoes...


I just wanted to write and not worry about the marketing part of selling my books and making enough money to live in a cozy house with a library, curled up on a comfy couch with a popping fire, a cuddly cat, and hot cocoa at hand while I read a book.

Selling sounded too complicated and gross. It was so...much... work! Not even work I liked to do which made it worse. 

And... it was taking time away from what I really wanted to do: Write

It felt like I was stuck either becoming someone I didn't want to be or just resigning myself to the fact that I wasn't going to reach my dreams. And that sucked! 


I was bogged down with a million different experts and authorprenuers telling me a million different things about selling books; contradicting each other or just copying each other. They claimed to have the secret keys to the book marketing kingdom, which would only cost me x amount of dollars. Which I'd pay...and then nothing would change. 


It was madness. I was frustrated, lost, and overwhelmed. All I wanted was to sell my book, but I was working my butt off and getting nowhere.

I was afraid of being a failure and that friends and family would look down on me.

Then things changed when I found my mentor. He had a proven method for selling books time and time again. And he was actually practicing what he preached in the open for his fans to see for themselves. 

You know what's funny about it? I learned that I actually enjoy marketing when it's done the right way. 

And the best part works! So I learned all I could from him and even received certification under his tutelage to become a book marketing coach. Now I help other authors reach their goals. 

I work with authors who struggle with marketing their books, and I help them to build a platform and audience so they can sell repeatedly with confidence. 


If you need help, subscribe below or go to the Work with Me so we can chat.

If you'd like to see how you can start selling your books, sign up below and I'll send you everything you need to know to get started.
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